Announcements St. Alex Church Calangute – 23rd September 2023


1.    Today is 25th Sunday of the ordinary time. Day of Laity Apostolate.


2.    Today St. Vincent de Paul Society members   are celebrating  the feast of St. Vincent de Paul. Feast Mass at 11.30 a.m.


3.    We thank all those who have contributed generously for the maintenance of the Saligao seminary. Those who still want to buy the donation coupons and help the Saligao seminary our volunteers are there with the donation books out side the church


4.    1st October 2023, Parish Pastoral Council meeting at 10.30 a.m.  and in the evening there is a seminar for all Chapel committee members and all confraria members in our church Hall at 4. p.m.


5.    Calangute Village Panchayat is organizing dengue test free of cost, every day from 9.30 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.


6.    In the process of  formation of New Parish Pastoral Council, we have already started visiting families. Main Election Team Member, PPC, Pat/Cat Member and Priest or religious sister will come to visit your houses. Do welcome them and do co-operate to elect good leaders for the Parish Pastoral work.


7.    A humble request to  you all to make coffins of wood and not of Plywood as the bodies are not getting decomposed.


8.    There is a vacancy for a Warden at St. Joseph’s Boys Home, Calangute  and also  for a tuition teacher. Those interested refer the church notice board.


9.    Like last year, we will be publishing the St. Alex Parish Diary 2024. By publishing this diary, we are collecting funds for our church. Our members will come with the advertisement appeal. We wait for your generosity.


10.                   Every first Friday of the month there is a retreat in our Parish. On the 6th of October 2023, The retreat starts at 3.30 with Divine mercy rosary. This day is dedicated for all those who run the business . special prayers will be offered for shack owners, guest house owners . we will also bless the vehicles.


11.                   8th October there is a general body meeting of Association of Charity Members  at St Joseph aged Home , Khobravaddo , Calangute at 10.30 a.m.