16th June


Today is the 11th  Sunday of the Ordinary Time.

3.30 pm

Mass in Hindi

4.30 pm – Church Hall

Parish Youth Inaugural Mass

5.30 pm

Novenas of St. John the Baptist Umtavaddo

17th June

3.30 pm

Se Cathedral – Old Goa

Episcopal Ordination of our brother Priest Fr. Simião Purificaçao Fernandes at Sé Cathedral church Old Goa at 3.30 pm. Lets pray for him ani for his mission. Those who gave their names to go to Old Goa please note the bus will leave from the church at 2.00 p.m.


21st June

4 pm

Formation session for all the members of all Associations

Legion Mary, Divine mercy group, SSVP, Youth, Cathechist, Confraria, Neo-Catechumenates, Liturgy group, PPC and Assembly members, please attend this important session of the formation. Other parishioners can also attend this formation session.


24th June

11 am

Meeting of the parents of Catechism children

3rd July

4.30 pm

Formation session for readers



There are some people who are visiting our parishioners and  asking donation in the name of the church. Some are claiming to be priests. Please note, without parish priests letter no one is authorized to collect donations.  If priests are coming from other Dioceses they  need to first take parish priests permission and also need to bring the letter of their Diocesan Bishop. So please be careful while giving donation to lay people or for the priests.