23rd June


Today 23rd June is the 12th Sunday of the Ordinary Time.

10:00 am

Meeting for the youth who has given their names to go to Potta – Retreat

11:00 am

Meeting of parents of Catechism children

24th June

9:30 am

Feast of St. John the Baptist at Umtavaddo Chapel

8:00 am

Mass at St. Anne’s Chapel, Baga.

27th June

5:30 pm

Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour.

5:00 pm

Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour in our Church.

3rd July

4:30 pm

Formation session for readers in our church.

14th July

10:00 am

Ordinary Gram Sabha meeting of the Village Panchayat of Calangute at the Panchayat Dona Lavinia Hall, near Bodko vodd, Porbavaddo, Calangute.


You must be aware that in our cemetery bodies are not getting decomposed. We are trying various means to solve this issue. As one of the measures suggested we have planted some flower plants on the tombs. Some parishioners are removing those plants and decorating the graves with flowers and vases etc.  Our humble request for you all not to decorate graves. You can go to pray for the loved ones. Please also avoid plastics and if possible clean the graves of your departed family members without removing the plants.

For the smooth running of our liturgical services & celebrations and to avoid unnecessary distractions we have Appointed volunteers to help us all. During feast days, funerals, Sundays etc. they will be there to help and direct you. You are requested to please listen to them and follow their instructions. Many tourists come during our church services. Sometimes they just enter during the celebration of mass and also receive communion which is very disturbing. Hoping that you all will cooperate with us and follow the instructions given by the Volunteers


Due to rain prayers for your  departed family members for months mind /  death anniversary  will be said in front of the altar in the cemetery and not near the grave. kindly take note of this. 

Sneha cares   organization  are taking care  of HIV affected children. To support their work  they have brought candles for sale. We request you to help this organization and buy the candles made by the children.