Announcements St. Alex Church Calangute – 20th August 2023

1.     Today is 20th Sunday of the ordinary time, day dedicated to justice ani peace.


2.     The liturgy for the Masses and the cleaning of the Church is done by Sauntavaddo. Next Sunday Umttavaddo to do the same.


3.     Today there will be Mass in Hindi at 3.30pm.

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4.     Toady the  St. Paul Sisters are here with the sale of religious books. Kindly help yourself by buying the books. 


5.     As announced earlier the Prison Ministry volunteers are here to collect your generous offerings for their ministry. Kindly be generous towards the cause.


6.     Next Sunday on 27th of August at 4.00 pm there will be talk for those getting married as well as their parents and others. This attempt is to help our families to have healthy relationships. Fr. Keneth Teles will be the resource person. Kindly spread the message.


7.      Mother Mary’s visits to our families will begin soon.  As we need candles for the same. The sisters who are taking care of the orphans are here selling the candles made by the children. Kindly buy and help them.


8.      Novenas for the feast of the birth of  Our lady are starting from 30th of this month. Novenas will start with the rosary at 5pm followed by mass and a small programme on the life of saints by the catechetical children. Anybody wishing to offer the novena mass intention are requested to come to the church office.


9.     On the 3rd of September as there are novenas in the evening the children will have catechism in the evening at 4pm.


10.  The cases of dengue are on a rise in our village. Kindle keep your surroundings clean.



11.  We had a wonderful program on the 15th of August i.e “Kongottkaranchem Daiz”. We appreciate our Parish youth and all association members for working tirelessly to make the event a great success.


12. Panchayat announcement: Today at 10.30 am , there will Gram sabha meeting to  discussion ODP and  Calangute Planning area 2025. This meeting is very important. Kindly do not miss it.